Sales & Marketing Glossary of Terms

A Accelerator Principle, Acknowledgement, Acquisition, Administration, Advert, Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Agency Commission, Agents, AIDA, Appointment, Approved suppliers, Assurance, Auction, Average, Awareness

B B2B Business to Business, B2C Business to Consumer, Bad debts, Bankrupt, Banner Advert, Batch, Benchmarking, Benefits, Best Seller, Billboard, Bingo Cards, Black Market, Body Language, Bonus Scheme, Brainstorming, Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Brand Manager, Brand Name, Brand Switching, Brands, Break Even, Bribe, Brochure, Budgets, Bundle, Business Cycle, Business Unit

C Call Centres, Cash cow, Cash flow, Catalogue distributor, Caveat Emptor, CE marking, CIF, Clickthrough rate, Closed Questions, Closing the sale, Cognitive Dissonance, Cold Calling, Commissioned agents, Commodities, Confidentiality Agreements, Conglomerate, Consumables, Consumer, Consumerism, Contact Management Systems, Contract, Conversion, Corporate Hospitality, Corporate identity, Corporate Sponsorship, Correlation, Cost Leadership, Cost per enquiry, Credit Account, Creditor, Critical Path, Customer Acquisition cost, Customer Relationship Management

D Data, Data Capture, Data Protection Act (UK), Database, Database – networked database, Database – relational database, De duplification, Debtor, Delphi Technique, Demand, Demerit taxation, Demographics, Depreciation, Derived Demand, Desk Research, Differentiation, Direct accounts, Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Direct response, Discount, Distributors, Diversification, DMU or Decision Making Unit, Downsizing, Due Diligence

E Early adopters, Economy of scale, Editorial, EFTA, Eighty Twenty Rule, Empathy, Encoding, Endorsement, Entry barriers, EOQ or economic order quantity, Equivalent, ERP System, EURO, Exclusive, Exhibition, Exhibition Contractor, Expectations, Experience Curve, Export, Extrapolation

F Factoring, Filter, Finders fee, First to market, Flowline, FMCG Fast moving consumer goods, FMEA, FOB, Focus Group, Forecasting, Franchise, Free Market, Functional Structure

G Gatekeeper, GDP or gross domestic product, GNP or Gross National Product, Going Concern, Gone Away, Good will, Gross Margin, Gross profit, Guarantee

H Harley Davidson, High Street, Hire Purchase, Horizontal integration, Hospitality, Hype

I Import, Incentive scheme, Inertia Selling, Inflation, Influencer, Innovation, Innovators, Insert, Inside Sales, Internet, Search engines, Internet, Search engines, Link Popularity, Internet, Search engines, Optimisation, Internet, Search engines, Strategies, Interstitial Positioning, Invention, Inventory, Invoice

J Junk Mail, Just-in-time

K Kanban, Kiosk, Kiss, Knowledge base, Kudos

L Laggard, Lead generation, Leads, Leaflet, Legislation, Letter of Credit, Level playing field, Licensing, Lifetime Customer Value, Limited company, Limited liability, Liquidation, List cleaning, List Marketing, List rental, Logistics, Logo, Loss leader, Loyalty scheme

M Mail Merge, Mailshot, Mainframe Systems, Make or buy, Management Information System, Market definition, Market Niche or Niche Market, Market Penetration, Market Research, Market Saturation, Market Share, Marketing – Viral Marketing, Marketing Information System (MIS?), Markup, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Matrix structure, MBA, Merchandising, Merger, Minimum Order Quantities, Mirroring, Mission Statement, Monopoly, Moving average, MPS, MRP, MRP Systems, Multiple Sourcing, Mystery Shopper

N Necessity, Need, Negotiating, Net profit, New Buy, Newsletters, Nibbling at the Corners, Noise, Non disclosure agreement, Non Verbal Communications, NPD New Product Development

O Open Questions, Opinion leader, Opt in, Opt out, Options, Order Taker, Organic Growth, Own Label

P Packaging, Payback, Peer Groups, Peer Leaders, Penalty Clause, Perception, Perfect Markets, Personalisation, Pilot Schemes, Pitching, Planned obsolescence, PLC or public limited company, Point of Sales (POS), Positioning, PPC or Pay per click, PR or Public Relations, Press Release, Price fixing, Pricing, Pricing – Marginal Pricing, Pricing – RRP Recommended Retail Price, Product labelling, Product Liability, Product Liability Insurance, Product Lifecycle, Product Manager, Product portfolio, Productive Capacity, Profit Centre, Profitability, Promotion, Prospect, Prospecting, Prototype, Publicity, Purchasing Department

Q Qualified prospect, Qualifying, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Quantity Breaks, Quantity Discount, Query, Questionnaire

R Ranking, Rebuy, Recall, Recruitment Agencies, Representative, Research and Development, Response rate, Retail, Retail Price Index (RPI in UK), Retention rate, RFQ or Request for Quotation, ROI Return on Investment

S Safety stock, Sales Database, Sales Revenue, Samples, Seasonal Variations, Segmentation, SERP or Search Engine Results Page, Service, Shelf-life, Staff Turnover, Stakeholders, Standard Industrial Classifications, Stock Turn, Subliminal, Subsidy, Substitution, Supply, Survey, SWOT, Synergy

T Targeting, Technological Substitution, Telemarketing Systems, Telephone Interview, Terms and Conditions, Test Marketing, Testimonial, Top of mind, Traceability, Trade Shows, Trademarks, Transfer Pricing

U Under selling, USP Unique Selling Proposition

V VAT or value added tax, Vending Machine, Vertical Integration, Visit report

W Warranty, Wastage, Wholesaler, Window of opportunity, Word of Mouth, Working capital

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Y Yes

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