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Industry Associations :

UK The Chartered Institute of Marketing Claims “The Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM is the worlds largest professional recognition of marketing information, career support for all professionals.”

Now at
Was at
The American Marketing Association Claims: “nearly 45,000 members in 100 countries and 400 chapters throughout North America.” “Founded in 1937 as a professional not-for-profit organization for marketers”.

The Direct Marketing Association These guys have “codes of practice”… so where does all the junk mail / email / faxes come from, not their members you can assume.

Other marketing related links:

“What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?” If Dean Van Druff had not written this page I would probably have had to do it in a forthcoming edition. I just add my own comment for when people are confronted by yet another MLM deal of a lifetime.. “If it looks too good to be true, it invariably is“.

Links referred to from articles:

Links relating to the single step product development article: Project Management website. Articles page. All PM Project management Site. Articles page

1997 Arizona State University
New Product Development Practice and Research (Best Practice)

New Product Dynamics
Developing Products in Half the Time: Management’s Handbook

Stanford GSB Research Papers Diagnosing The Experience Curve 1982

Links relating to communication:

The Communication Process ( Joel P. Bowman Dec 1999)

6_2_1 Elements of the communication process

Some links relating to Branding, corporate identity, heraldry, plumage:

Corporate Branding


Corporate identity and corporate branding center

Heraldry on the Internet, Coats of Arms, Family Crests

Ethology animal behavior & minds; survival; insects; apes
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Links relating to pricing structure:
Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
Software Pricing Strategy Tactics and Resources
Sales channels and the Web

Links relating to sales & marketing databases:

TeleMagic – the Contact Management industry leader

FrontRange (this if for the Goldmine CRM software)

Multiactive – Maximizer Enterprise – The CRM Software Solution

Direct Marketing Concepts Telemarketing Database Solutions UK
In their database management and glossary areas these guys list lots of terms that will make you think carefully about the way you use databases for marketing purposes.

Links relating to The Delphi Method:

Predicting the Future Have you considered using the Delphi Methodology

Design Methods Decision Delphi Process

Links relating to Exhibitions:

Exhibitions Round The World

Trade fairs and exhibitions UK Home Page – the complete listing of UK industrial, trade, and consumer fairs, shows and exhibititions

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